Why We Need an Argument Game

Because if we can’t laugh at ourselves, we have bigger problems.

If people were initially so against it, why did we persist on making a game about arguments? We aren’t the sort to put our lives on hold to just flip haters the bird. There is actually a logical reason, behind all the madness, to have a game like this.

The world is becoming more combative. Rhetoric is normalized. Debatable topics are becoming less point of view and more personal honor. Controversies get taken way too personally. Opinions get screamed as concrete truths. Then comes the name calling. ( Every jerk feels they need to have an opinion on everything. )

Behind this game is an ugly truth– humans are silly and most arguments are fallacies. This game plays like a typical argument. You exchange blows. The victor is whoever has the last word– which more important than being right~

This game gives us a way to satisfy our combative natures and work out our shit in a relatively safe environment. It’s all good if it’s a joke, right?

Not all lessons have to be harsh. From testing this game, I feel more aware of my own go-to fallacies and suppose endgame. Typical squabbles have been resolving quicker and more satisfying. My hope for this game is to provide a profound chuckle, the right conditions to reflect.

Of course, when it’s marketing time, this is just a fun card game– not much different than an epic duel between wizards or “trademarked monster” trainers. 😉

March 26, 2021